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Boys Birthday Cakes 


Celebrate with a Splash of Adventure with the Super-Delicious Boys Birthday Cakes

Are you looking for tasty birthday cakes for boys? No worries, AR Sweets has your back as we are a leading cake shop offering the best and most remarkable birthday cakes specially designed to tailor to your unique requirements. We understand that every boy's birthday cake is just a thrilling adventure, and that's why our cake artists bring the best out of the best creations on the table, indulging with super-fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our cakes capture the essence of fun and excitement that each young boy deserves on his special day. 

Custom Designs to Celebrate Him 

As an eminent cake shop in Perth, we know that every boy and his birthday cake is unique. Whether he dreams of flying through the sky as a pilot or diving deep into the ocean as a marine biologist, our bespoke cake designs are created to match his greatest ambitions and favorite interests. 


Our Wedding Cakes Collection in Perth, WA

  • Dinosaurs

  • Space and Astronauts

  • Favorite Cartoon Characters

  • Sports (Soccer, Basketball, etc.)

  • Pirates and Adventurers

  • Cars and Trains

What Can I Create for You? 

Do you struggle to find the finest quality boys' birthday cakes everyone can eat? AR Sweets' cakes and desserts are made for Everyone at the party. We have spent hours crafting a boutique, an array of cakes that all guests can enjoy without compromising your dietary requirements. 

Here's what we have created for you: 

  • Birthday Cakes 

  • Desserts

  • Mud Cakes

  • Sugar Cookies

Four Simple Steps to Order Your Special Boy Birthday Cakes

Our Team is here to help you, and you can follow the below-mentioned 

Step 1. Discover Your Cakes 
Scroll through our cake gallery and online shop and choose from various cake flavors, desserts, sugar cookies, and vegan, eggless, and gluten-free options.
Step 3. We Bake Your Cake 
Have beautifully fresh, magnificent cakes and savories to present to your colleagues or friends tomorrow, and we promise they will be impressed with the quality.
Step 2. Order Your Cake Online 
Our website makes it easy to order cakes online. Add the products to your cart and complete the checkout process.
Step 4. We Deliver
We supply a range of delivery alternatives to make things easier for you. We charge a fixed cost and guarantee next-day delivery on all orders.
IMG-6407 (1).jpg

Get Ready to Order Your Boy's Dream Cake! 

AR Sweets will make your little champ's day extraordinary joy. Contact us to discuss your design ideas, or stop by our cake shop to check what's baking. Our cake artists are here to make every boy's birthday magical with our delicious collection of birthday cakes. 

If you would like your cake to be delivered to your doorstep, please ensure you contact us for our availability and quotes.

Call us: 0417922233

Ask the Experts (FAQ)

Q1. Do you have eggless cakes? 

AR Sweets offers our trustworthy customers the best-quality eggless and dairy-free cakes and desserts. 

Q2. Do I need to refrigerate my birthday cake? 

Once frosted, the cake is sealed and will remain fresh for several days! 

Q3. What are the serving sizes of your cakes? 

We have a variety of sizes to select from, so you can always find a cake that will suit your serving requirements. The smallest cakes we make serve 8-12 people, but we can create any size and serve the required amount. We have three sizes available: quarter sheet (15-20 servings), half sheet (30-40 servings), and full sheet (60-80 servings). We also provide double-layered circular cakes. Sizes range from 7″ to 30-40 servings.  Contact us for our sizing recommendation.

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