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Wedding Cakes


Are you looking for delicious wedding cakes in Perth that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth? Look no further than AR Sweets, a cake shop. We offer our customers delicious and high-quality custom cakes to make your wedding day special and unforgettable. From a simple design cake to a multi-tiered cake for a large crowd, our professional wedding cake chefs can assist you in bringing your cake design vision to life. 


As a well-recognized cake shop in Perth, we can create something unique and special for your big moment and tailor your specific requirements. We believe in delivering the best-quality, custom-made cakes that look and taste good.

Our Wedding Cakes Collection in Perth, WA

At AR Sweets, we strive to transform your dream wedding cake into reality, and we specialize in crafting amazing wedding cakes that taste divine and serve as masterpieces for your special day. Our wedding cakes collection include: 

3 Tier Cakes
AR Sweets offers beautifully crafted triple-tier cakes powered by fresh ingredients for weddings.
Themed Cakes 
We have you covered no matter what theme you have in mind for your wedding day. Our experienced cake chef can tailor your requirements. These offer a personal touch to the celebration, with designs ranging from fairytale-inspired to cakes that incorporate parts of how the couple met or their favorite pastimes.
Floral Cakes 
Floral cakes are decorated with flowers, either genuine real flowers, silk flowers, or sugar flowers. This style includes cascading blooms that span entire tiers and a modest, elegant floral spray as a topper. Floral cakes provide several customisation options to meet any wedding theme.
This elegant cake type has gained popularity due to its rustic and minimalistic aesthetics. We also have these cakes in our cake shop. They are often decorated with flowers, fruits, and powdered sugar to enhance the look of the cake. 

Perth Wedding Cake Shapes 

As a prominent wedding cake shop in Perth, we pride ourselves on using the finest quality and locally sourced ingredients. From classic vanilla bean to lemon and raspberry, our flavor menu is meant to appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes. Gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly options are also available, guaranteeing every guest can savor a piece of your stunning cake. We offer wedding cakes in multiple shapes and sizes: 

👉🏻 Circle
👉🏻 Oval 
👉🏻 Rectangle 
👉🏻 Square
👉🏻 Pentagon 
👉🏻 Heart 

Our Five-Step Wedding Cake Design Process 

Our design process begins with a consultation, where we discuss your requirements, tastes, and ideas. Whether you are inspired by a classic wedding cake design or have an out-of-the-box concept in mind, our team is proficient in creating cakes that blend eye-catching artistry with mouth-watering flavors. 

Step 1. Proper Consultation 
As a reputable cake shop in Perth, we get complete attention and understand themes, tones, and other preferences with us. 

Step 2. Adequate Tasting 
Enjoy a carefully picked assortment of tastes to discover the ideal pairing for your cake.

Step 3. Designing 
Our cake artist will provide design ideas and examples for you to choose from, or for more elaborate design ideas, create your design drawing

Step 4. Ultimate Craftmanship 
Our chef displays ultimate craftsmanship and brings your cake vision to life.

Step 5. Final Delivery 
At last, our team will deliver your desired wedding cake to your doorstep and set it up perfectly, ensuring it looks cool and makes your special day even bigger. 

Wedding Cake Price guide

AR Sweets never compromises with its quality and is always keen to deliver exceptional cakes to its customers. Our budget-friendly wedding cakes in Perth, WA, price guide includes basic decorative costs. These do not include fresh flowers, delivery, or elaborate design costs. Please fill out our contact form for a more accurate quote, customized designs, and cakes with a larger quantity of serves.


Dessert Serves: 1" x 2" x 5"

This is perfect for when your cake is being served for dessert

Coffee Serves: 1" x 1" x 5"

This is perfect for when you already have dessert included in your package.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 144421.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-25 144509.jpg
coffee serves 40-110 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-25 145452.jpg

Get in Touch

Ready to kickstart the journey to your dream wedding cakes in Perth? Contact us to order your cake. Let AR Sweets be a part of your enchanting love story, crafting a cake you and your family will remember forever. 


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