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Buttercream Cakes 


Explore the Super-delicious Buttercream Cakes in Perth from Us

AR Sweets specialises in crafting stunning buttercream cakes for all occasions. Our cakes are custom-designed and unique to suit customers' needs. This directly means that there is no pricing limit dependent on the completion of the design and selected flavors. In our cake shop, you will receive a masterpiece from our end, beautifully crafted with precision and passion. We bake custom cakes that aren't only visually breathtaking and compelling to all taste buds in Perth and its surrounding suburbs. From classic patterns to modern, unique masterpieces, our cakes are ideal for any occasion, making your celebrations distinctive.

Why Choose Our Buttercream Cakes? 

Our buttercream birthday cakes are unique to each order, and there are ample reasons you can order our cakes: 

Expert Craftmanship 
AR Sweets has a team of enthusiastic cake artists with years of experience crafting and baking cakes. We pay close attention to detail and are enthusiastic about crafting, ensuring every cake is beautiful.
Fresh and top-quality ingredients 
Maintaining top-notch quality is our cake shop's prime objective; quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our cake artists use fresh, high-quality organic ingredients to ensure your buttercream wedding cake looks and tastes fantastic. 
Custom Innovations 
Your imagination is the only limit when designing a buttercream cake. Whether you are looking for a multi-tiered buttercream wedding cake or a custom-themed birthday cake, we bring your dream vision to life.
Friendly Service 
We are not here just for cakes; AR Sweets is about creating joy and memories. Our professional bakers work closely with you through each step of the process. From the initial step to final delivery, we guarantee your experience will be mesmerizing, like our cakes. 

Our Buttercream Cake Gallery

Explore our exclusive range of Buttercream cakes for every special occasion: 

Wedding Cakes 
Make your special day even more special with super delicious buttercream wedding cakes from AR Sweets to match your theme and savor.

Birthday Cakes 
Explore our tasty custom birthday cake and celebrate your day with a bang. Our cake artists are experienced and make cakes in every style and interest. 

Corporate Events 
Amaze your clients and colleagues at your next corporate event with a professionally crafted dessert.

Special Occasions 
We have a delicious buttercream cake for any occasion, including an anniversary, graduation, or baby celebration.

Our Commitment to Excellence 

We believe in offering bespoke and delicious cakes for all our trusted customers in Perth and its surrounding areas. That's why at AR Sweets, we use genuine and fresh ingredients to make our cakes and other desserts. Our buttercream is silky, smooth, and appropriate in sweetness, ensuring the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Every cake is a canvas, and we are dedicated to drafting a masterpiece that resonates with the theme and [references of your event. 

We intend to deliver egg-free, vegan-free, and gluten-free cakes for your special occasions and satisfy your needs. 


Schedule Your Visit to AR Sweets Today!

Taste the difference between genuine craftmanship and passion at AR Sweets, Perth's most trusted cake shop for buttercream cakes. So what are you waiting for? Visit us to taste our creations, or book a consultation to demonstrate your custom care design concept. You can also scroll through our gallery and place your order online. Let us be part of your next festivity, offering an experience as distinctive as our cakes.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.  How long does icing last on a buttercream cake? 
An uncut frosted cake with buttercream, fondant, or ganache can be stored at ambient temperature for up to five days. Cover it with a cake holder or dish to protect it from dust or other debris.

Q2. How can I order your cakes? 
You can do this in two ways: by contacting our cake shop or ordering online from our official website.

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