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Cupcakes Perth, WA


Shop the top-quality cupcakes in Perth: A perfect gift for your loved ones! 

AR Sweets, Perth's premier cake shop, offers custom cupcakes and other desserts to cater to numerous special events. We are devoted to baking perfection into each cupcake we manufacture to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Located in the heart of Perth, we strive to provide super-fresh cupcakes created with locally sourced high-quality ingredients, resulting in the most delectable cupcakes for any taste and occasion. 

Our Cupcakes Gallery 

AR Sweets has always been a reliable partner for delivering the best cupcakes in Perth, WA. Our meticulous cupcakes are best suited for every occasion. Whether you are up for classics or signature seasonal specials, our cake shop covers you. Check out our super-delicious cupcakes- 

1. Classic Cupcakes 
Enjoy your special and cherished moment with the sweetness of classic cupcakes at AR Sweets. Our classic cupcakes come in timeless flavors like Chocolate indulgence, Vanilla Bean, and Red Velvet. Our bakers craft every cupcake with perfection. 

2. Gourmet Cupcakes
Explore our super-finest range with unique combinations, i.e., lemon raspberry mud cake, Bischoff, and Carmel


3. Vegan and Gluten-free Options
Everyone should be able to enjoy our cupcakes, so we provide tasty options that accommodate dietary requirements without sacrificing flavor. Our cake shop's prime aim is to deliver gluten-free products that taste good. 


4. Custom Cupcakes
Taste the best cupcakes, indulged with a blend of sweetness and elegance. Our custom cupcakes best suit weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. All our custom cupcakes in Perth, WA, are tailored to suit your theme, color scheme, and flavor preferences.


 5. Logo Cupcakes 
Do you need a customized cupcake to promote your business for marketing purposes? Look no further than our tasty treat of logo cupcakes. The logo is printed on the cupcakes via edible ink, which lasts a long. 

Why Choose AR Sweets for Your Birthday Celebrations?

You can select AR Sweets as your partner to deliver the best cupcakes in Perth, WA, for numerous pointers. Here's how you can rely on us: 

Freshness with splendid quality
We bake our cupcakes daily and indulge our top-notch quality ingredients to guarantee every bit is a taste splash. 
Exceptional customer service 
AR Sweets is highly committed to providing stellar customer service, whether you are curious to pick up a single cupcake or placing an order in bulk for your special events. 
Passionate for baking 
Our expert bakers and decorators are dedicated to creating gorgeous, delectable cupcakes.
Community focus 
As a prominent cake shop in Perth, we love giving back to our local community and engaging in local events and other activities. 

Visit Us or Place Your Order with AR Sweets Today!

Whether planning a grand celebration or just craving a quick sweet treat, AR Sweets is here to assist you and make your day even more special with its irresistible cupcakes in Perth. So what are you waiting for? Visit our cake shop in Perth to experience our friendly vibes and detectable selection, or place your order today.


Our cake artists are happy to cater to you and bring your cupcake dreams to life! 

Call us: 0417922233

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What's the secret of your too-good cupcakes? 
We have been in the market for a long time and become the #1 choice for both residents and international travelers. Our secret to your too-good cupcakes is our nut-free kitchen and fresh ingredients. 

Q2. How can I order these tasty cupcakes?
First, you can easily explore our official website, select your desired cake, and tap the order now button.   

Q3. Do you have dining and takeaway options? 
No, we only provide takeaway and order as a residential business.

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