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Birthday Cake Girl


Custom Birthday Cake Creations for Every Birthday Girl

Make your little one's birthday extraordinary with our Birthday Cakes for girls. We specialize in creating beautiful, bespoke birthday cakes that capture the essence of her special day. Whether she dreams of a cake shaped like a fairy castle, a superhero emblem, or something uniquely her, we're here to make that dream come true.

Our Wedding Cakes Collection in Perth, WA

We offer the finest quality and super-delicious customized birthday cakes for girls to enhance your party celebration. Our main offerings include the following:  

- Princess cakes 

Enjoy your princess birthday with the super-finest quality princess cakes, which can be shaped like a castle, a crown, etc.

- Fantasy cakes 

We can make a cake portraying any character she loves, from the most recent animated movie heroines to classic faves.


- Character and Cartoon Cakes

We conjure fantastic worlds to life with our fantasy-themed cakes, which include edible glitter and brilliant hues.


- Allergy-safe Options 

As a recognized cake shop in Perth, we believe every girl, including those with dietary limitations, needs a great birthday cake. We have gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free alternatives, allowing everyone to enjoy a slice without anxiety.

Why Choose AR Sweets for Your Birthday Girl’s Celebration? 

1. Bespoke Creations
Each birthday girl deserves a cake that is as special as she is. Our cake artists collaborate closely with you to develop a design that matches her personality and hobbies. Whether she likes ballet, animals, or bright colors, we'll create a cake that will make her eyes light up with excitement.
3. Skilled Bakers and Decorators
Our professional bakers and decorators are true artisans skilled in cake design. From intricate sugar flowers to flawless fondant, their meticulous attention to detail ensures every cake is a masterpiece.
2. Exceptional Quality
Quality is important to all we do. We utilize only the best ingredients to ensure each cake looks and tastes great. Our adherence to excellence ensures our cakes are always fresh, tasty, and elegantly prepared.
4. Dietary Accommodations
We understand the importance of dietary needs. Our kitchen is 100% nut-free and equipped to handle requests for gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free cakes, ensuring every child can indulge safely and deliciously.

How Does Our Team Work? 

When you get in touch with us for your girls birthday cake" say consultation not one on one. Pick up your masterpeice Our cake artists bring the best course to the table. 

Step 1. One to One Consultation

Step 2. Finalize Theme  

Step 3. Start Baking and Crafting 

Step 4. Deliver to your Doorstep


Reach Out to Us Today! 

A birthday is a milestone, and each milestone deserves a celebration. Let us assist you in making your princess's birthday a party and a cherished memory. With our tasty birthday cake for girls collection, you can surprise everyone, especially the birthday girl, who will love it. 


So what are you waiting for? Schedule your visit to AR Sweets today and get something special and beautiful for her special day. 


Do you have any queries?


Call Us: 0417922233  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Does your cake shop serve fresh cakes and desserts every day? 
Yes, our cakes are baked to order once we receive your order.

Q2. Can I get a customized birthday cake that fits my needs? 
Yes, we craft allergy- and dairy-free birthday cakes for girls per our customers' requirements. Our cake artists are smart enough to complete the job quickly. 

Q3. Are your cake decorations edible? 
While fondant and sugar are edible, many cake decorations (particularly three-dimensional ones) require inedible structural supports and fastening elements. We propose removing such items and storing them as keepsakes from your party!

Q4. What payment methods does your cake shop accept? 
As a prominent cake shop in Perth, we accept all payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Paypal, etc, for hassle-free payments. 

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